Thursday, December 31, 2015

Russia---help me to go on the Trans-Siberian Rail trip--all you have to do----

I have always dreamed of travelling on the ultimate rail trip-----non other than the endless Trans-Siberian rail trip---the one that crosses countless time zones. I have watched many TV programmes on this fabulous quest and something about it attracts me like no other venture. Now that I have either one very avid reader in Russia, or a rather large number (you now have more hits on my blog for the past month than any other country, Russia---even more than your nemesis---the USA!) you are in a position to help me make it happen. All you have to do is get thousands of your friends to download my book Roskill, which you can do on my website ( I reckon about 10,000 downloads should do it! Hey---it's my new years resolution and this time---i believe in it. Share my post and make the links. Russia 342 United States 244 New Zealand 75 Germany 44 Brazil 17 France 11 Netherlands 9 Ukraine 6 Poland 5 Canada 4 Figures for hits on my blog last month.

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