Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Russia---what's up?! You are reading my blogs again---great.

I am not sure why---but Russia is reading my blogs at an ever increasing rate. They have replaced Ukraine in this respect. Maybe that is where the answer can be found, if one is of a more cynical nature. But I chose to believe that Russians like to know about the rest of the world; about New Zealand in particular. The press in NZ is not always friendly to your dear leader, Mr Putin; indeed I have slanted him on occasion. I still find the Russian desire to have 'strong' leaders a bit of a conundrum, but knowing a little about history, I guess I have a level of understanding about that aspect of the Russian psyche. OK, if I have so many readers in Russia, I make the plea, that you spread my website, so that I can achieve more sales for my book, ROSKILL---a book you can either download or buy hard copy. You will soon be able to do the same for an upcoming release (maybe April 2016) of my latest book, Talk To Me.' Go to my website to find out more. Thanks again, my Russian readers. I appreciate your support.

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