Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Super Gold Card users---are they (me) acting a little bit 'precious?!'

As I was doing a little bit of 'research' re the 'truth' behind the story, in my soon to be released book, Talk To me, I became increasingly frustrated about reports that the Government is looking again at curtailing the use of the Super Gold Card on public transport. Yes, I was listening to talk-back radio, which can sometimes be a rather dangerous pass time when one is driving, due to the chaotic heightening in blood pressure, directly caused by the stupid comments of some of the callers. Some claimed that 'oldies' did not need the free trips, that the Government (Hey is that not all of us--well it may have been in the distant past!) cannot afford the measly $28 million dollars they put onto this scheme, one that they have frozen for 5 years. Why is it that Governments (I include all in the recent past) go for the quick 'fix' re spending? Why can they not see the longer term gain from having policies that 'take people off the roads,' lessening the need for yet more expensive motorways and more use of fossil fuels as oldies (and other groups) combat the increasingly crowded roads? They happily spend $28 million on an unnecessary 'flag referendum,' but they shortsightedly impose restrictions on a scheme that has proven benefits; one that leads to healthier people and healthier cities. Capping this funding is nothing short of stupidity. Getting older people out of their homes, including them in our wider community is a winner in every sense. On a more cynical note, may I also say that the Government is missing the feeling that older voters undoubtedly have about this---they are going to be pushing older voters, who will make up an even larger proportion of the electorate at the next election. I suggest that the scheme could be 'extended to other groups in society. What better way is there to get people on public transport? It is a great deal cheaper to subsidize public transport than to keep building more motorways, that seem to reach capacity in a few years, necessitating ever more money being dumped down the hole of these behemoths of political cronyism--yes---one does wonder who gains most from this excessive spending! Finally, and I do not say this in a frivolous manner---do you really want people like me, who may well reach a stage soon, that you may want to 'avoid us on the roads?' Stick us on the buses and trains!!!!! Keep the Gold Cards in maximum use.

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