Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sons of Orpheus---what's going on.

I am not sure what is going on re my unpublished book, Sons of Orpheus. I have been putting up some chapters to see what would happen. I must say that it is in a format that is not pleasing. I was intending to 'fix' that but didn't get around to it. Those of you who have been reading it probably get a little exasperated by the lack of formatting. Most of the hits have come form the USA, so am wondering if it has garnered some support form there. I would dearly like to have it severely edited but I can not afford that or to put t through the self-publishing process. It is a huge book of somewhere around 700 pages. I try to reconcile the situation by claiming that it was part of my 'learning process,' a naïve attempt to enter the world of 'writing,' or as I feel now---story telling.' Of course, if Roskill sold thousands of books, both as a hard-copy version or as an EBook format, the situation could change. I will put up a few more chapters and please---feedback needed. IN the meantime, you know what to do---help me to get the word out there, re Roskill. Yes, they are very different books but here's hoping. It was great to get an order from a NZ distributor the other day for Roskill. Sure --only ten books, but hey---who's complaining? not me!

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