Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Stingray causes a stir down at Onehunga Bay. Leave it alone!

Opononi had its dolphin and until someone killed it, it enthralled thousands. Now, Onehunga Bay has its very own stingray, causing a different kind of 'stir.' Today was a perfect example how something so simple can bring people together, cause excitement and teach people about the more simple things in life---for free. Watching the stingray is free and so should be the 'beast of the bay'---free to roam and cavort in the shallows, entertaining the people and the 'dogs.' Today I sat in the shade of a tree at the far end, watching as this 'submersible dreadnought' ploughed through water and then disappeared----momentarily. It's ghostly shadow, flew beneath the surface as gulls, Terns and Shags dived to retrieve silvery treasures. Yes, the bay was alive. People talked---they seemed happy to show their kids and it was so easy to just--- hang around, beneath the Pohutukawas , the beautiful New Zealand Christmas tree that has now shed its glorious colour, leaving us to wait for another 'showing' in 11 months. There is a darker side though. I talked to a gentleman who has concerns about the 'safety of the dogs.' He was worried that one of them, or a child might stand on the ray. I do not know if his concerns are valid. I know that Perdy watches the ray as it flaps close to where we were watching the action. She turns her little head in that quizzical way that dogs have, as if to say---what the hell is that? Kelly Tarltons say that the ray will leave when it feels like it. The council has put up signs asking people to leave it alone. I know dogs can be unpredictable and that kids if left to their own devices are also capable of putting themselves in danger. It only takes one stupid action to bring about a crazy and unnecessary reaction from a 'well-meaning' member of the public. The man I spoke to said that he wants to catch it and let it go on the other side of the motorway. Will it not just find its way back into the bay because it has discovered a rather lucrative little hunting ground? Tine will tell, but I hope that we can enjoy Mother Nature for a while yet.

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