Thursday, January 15, 2015

Solve the world's problems---easy, just read my 2225 blogs!

So I have written 2225 blogs over the last 4 years! Using a very crude guess, that is more then 500 pages---a book indeed; one in which so many topics are covered, from those that a silly, angry, political, sad or WTF! I love writing blogs. Yes, I know many of them contain typos, errors, terrors and outright stupid mistakes, but I make no apologies for that. It is all part of a process whereby I use the theory that 'practice makes'--approaching --oh I cant say perfect, because that would be the lie of the century. Above all I do it--because I can and yes, to push whatever book I am have written. Has it helped? Yes, a bit, but nothing beats the 'professional,' paid for services of using a publicist. However, in a sense, I am my own publicist. I try to make my won opportunities and if there is anything 'trending in the news,' I jump on it, if it has anything that connects to my books, primarily ROSKILL. Some of you may have noticed that if there is an item in the news about Methamphetamine (P) I usually follow it up with a commentary and then link it to my book. That was the advice form one of the publicist. I had sort of figured that out myself. I have also noticed and appreciated the backing , support and comments, links and discussion some of you have entered into. I accept the criticisms and sometimes rebuke for my statements. I don't apologize for them, because I have deliberately 'provoked at times, in order to start a discussion. If that causes 'issues,' then I ask those who have been offended to---look within!. I have changed my mind on issues, simply by reading some of your responses and I think you for that. When I can NOT change my view when presented with the opinion of others, it is time to biff out the keyboard! I have had about 133,000 hits on my blogs and they are all linked to FB and Twitter, so God knows how many people are actually reading on a regular basis. look forward to continuing my 'epic-bog-novel' and invite you to comment and hey---join me. Have fun!

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