Friday, August 1, 2014

Harry---on TV3---hits the spot!

To say I enjoyed the first offering from TV3 of the new series, Harry, just doesn't seem to fit how I felt as I watched this gritty 'in your face,' programme. For those who know the area it was filmed, Counties/Manukau, it will bring a strange possibly uncomfortable feeling, but make no mistake---I think this is how it really is out there in the world of gangs and especially re the drug 'P' or methamphetamine (Chrystal Meth). life for those sucked into this dark world is never the same again. For those who control this underworld, life is a constant battle between looking over your back, eluding the police and competition from other 'suppliers.' For those hooked on 'P' life becomes a permanent 'treadmill' of seeking the next hit and finding the means to feed the habit. Violence is a companion and loved ones slip sway or are hurt in ways that are difficult for most of us to imagine. I have written a book, 'ROSKILL,' which describes what happens to a family when the father is ensnared by 'P.' he risks losing his family, his job and heads towards a lifestyle that could end in disaster. Roskill is a book all parents should read and then encourage their teenagers to follow suit. Roskill is at times funny, but the message is deeply serious. Above all, Roskill is a story of hope! Get your copy, either in hard copy format or as an EBook. Go to my website and click on the picture of Roskill.

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