Friday, August 1, 2014

Another 'ceasfire' that wasn't.

It seems that the word ceasefire has different meanings , depending on your 'stance.' Somehow Israel was given the go ahead to continue operations re the tunnels impinging on 'their' territory. Like the previous attempts, the 'peace' lasted a mere few hours before death and destruction occurred. It appears that Hamas and its allies took umbrage at Israel's seeking to find the tunnels and destroy them and a suicide bomber managed to 'self-destruct' taking his own life and some Israelis, plus allowing for an Israeli soldier to be captured. Nothing gets the Israelis going more than he prospect of one of their soldiers being captured, as it leads to all sorts of possibilities re Hamas's ability to gain from the action. In the past it has led to the release of many prisoners held by the Sate of Israel. Now the world's biggest prison is once again being subjected to total destruction. Bombs directed by drones fill the sky and whole neighbourhoods are pounded into uninhabitable spaces. Is this the actual plan from the Israeli perspective---to make Gaza uninhabitable and hope to force a mass migration across the border into Egypt; something that the Egyptian Government no doubt fears, given its own precarious existence? Is the life of one Israeli soldier held to be above the life of a Palestinian? That is what it appears to the world! To me---life is life, no mater where from whence the person lives. That children and helpless people who have no say or control over what is happening to their lives and homes is an abhorrent fact. There are sinister plans operating in Gaza and Israel/Palestine. Some have been played out for many years, as the two people claim the same land. Others are becoming apparent through the actions of both the Hamas grouping and the State of Israel. As in all such altercations the only groups who gain from this are those where nationality doesn't count for much. Those people are the parasites who maunufature and sell the weapons of destruction. That fact always has and always will be the underlying rationale. It all comes down to money. Religion and politicaln dogma are merely 'players.' The UN is nothing more than a pulpit for those bit players to stage their lies!

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