Saturday, August 2, 2014

New Zealand on a day when the golden sun hides, but gold is still present!

I woke today with a plan to have a beautiful walk on the other side of Auckland---on the shores of the Waitemata harbour--namely at Mission Bay. Auckland is blessed by being kissed by two wonderful harbours---no wonder we are often called 'City of Sails,' as Aucklanders take to the water, not just for swimming and fishing, but for that age-old leave affair with sails. So I don't feel like braving the inclement weather this morning; maybe this afternoon is another matter as Auckland changes her mood like some people change their lovers! What's trending on the news today? The sun may not be shining but the Kiwis continue to win medals at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Yeah, I know---most of the non Commonwealth nations wouldn't have a clue what these 'games' are but any self-respecting citizen of the Commonwealth, and there's more than 2 billion of them, knows and loves the 'games.' I am of course exaggerating the importance of the said 'games' but I am not going to take away from the friendliness and just plain good feeling that these games represent. They do not have the political overtones that the other big name sports fixtures have, that is the Olympics and the World Cup Soccer events. Oh shut up, those of you trying to tell me that it's not soccer anymore---it's Football. Not for me---it will always be soccer, so get over it! Other news items continue to dominate--the ongoing tragedy in Gaza as tow people fight for the same land, refusing to come to terms with the obvious fact that war will never resolve this issue, that every death creates a revenge factor, that one side uses weapons of terrible destruction while the other responds in the only way it can, by using suicidal methods--the weapon of the desperate. That the USA gives one side the nod to continue to kill innocent children, because those children have nowhere to escape. They live in a prison! Back in New Zealand, we hear today of yet another attack on a young person by a dangerous dog, not a Pit-Bull this time. These dogs have their strong defendants, as to the reliability and loyalty amongst other 'strengths.' I know quite a few of these dogs from my walks in the park and they are lovely dogs, because their owners treat and train them well. But, I sometimes meet others, some with a muzzle--hell that tells you something, and yes, I also see other dogs, some quite little ones, like my Jack Russell (OK, I have even seen JR with a muzzle!) with their 'fashionable muzzles.' However the preponderance of attacks on people, often on children, from this breed of dogs is something that we are going to need to address. There are other attacks from other breeds, but it is the nature of the attacks from PBs that causes concern. They are so hard to stop! Their owners express regret and even surrender their dogs to the ultimate 'processing'--they get put down, but by then it is too late---the damage has been done. We must have a system whereby these dogs are either banned completely or there be some sort of licencing re the owners. I know that wont work though because one does not have to go far to see many of these dogs, that are not even registered or restrained. One does not have to travel far within Auckland to see PBs wandering. I see it 'everyday' in my commute to work. PBs will always have their supporters and they speak eloquently about the fact that the behaviours of PB's can be controlled by good management. How do we assure that? As with all aspects of society, 'good behaviours' of citizens and dogs cannot be controlled by legalisation alone! It is time to 'bite the bullet,' as it were; one way or the other. I now await the response from those of you who will never take a stance that PBs are dangerous dogs and you will no doubt have plenty of 'evidence.' based on your experience to back up your argument, but in a section near you, someone will be attacked, or worse still, in a park--just down the road. Have a great day folks!

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