Wednesday, June 18, 2014

'The big bang theory' is about to take centre stage in Auckland!

Many Aucklanders are reporting being woken by a series of loud bangs, some of which were ’felt’ as much as heard. This, in the early hours of Thursday morning and the incidents were noticed over quite a large area. I guess we can expect a range of explanations ranging from the mild and merely curious in origin to the all-out whacky-backy infused contributions, citing alien invasion to some sort of catastrophic event.
I can’t wait to hear the reports as they come in. We will get the usual ‘it’s not us,’ from the air force, but then again, as they are virtually non-existent (oops that is sensitive information and now my phone will be tapped by the GSCB or whatever the feck they call themselves!) don’t expect too much from them.
Next the doomsayers will thrive as they seek spiritual explanations, aimed at making the rest of us ‘toe the line,’ as we prepare for Armageddon! Watch out for the bearded, scruffily undressed sign- toting and barefooted individuals hogging the footpaths. Don’t forget to drop a coin in their hats.
Of course, we will get some sane explanations and they will be way beyond my capacity to second guess what they will be, not being a scientist of repute or any other designation. Will they pose the question of some sort of major earth-shaking event or will they tend towards the more mundane; like multiple claps of big thunder. I never imagined the ‘clap’ as being quite so significant, but the ‘end of worlders’ will say it is God punishing us for our sins, because collectively we have mounted quite a list!
OK, let’s all go about our day in a clam manner and remember---‘those who seek shall find the answers; ion the clouds, in their minds or the expression of some fool who has feck all else to do! (Mmm---I think me knoweth a response for that last little tit-bit!)

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