Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Labour---you only have a few days to sort this out! Do it!

The ‘Nats’ must be in JK Heaven, with this latest silliness from Labour. Sure the ‘event’ took place 11 years ago, and David C is correct in claiming he has no memory of the letter—hell he claims to have signed off thousands of the damned things! What he should have done once the media were onto this desperate attempt by National to ‘soil’ Labour’s image, because the very same thing was been done to them, was to investigate and come clean—so that at least we are not left this cloying feeling that things are not quite right.
Now, Labour you need to get back on track, double quick, or face ever decreasing support in the run-up to the elections.
New Zealand needs you to present a viable alternative to this Government that will no doubt come back at us and sell anything left of value (is there anything?) and cuts the public spending in all directions, leaving those who have suffered under their regime, even more on the back foot, further increasing the already large gap between those who are ‘surviving and those who have given up.’
This week is crucial---get your act together, Labour while is still a glimmer of hope!
And National---remember---‘what goes around, comes around!

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