Monday, June 16, 2014

Million dollar coffees, but do we really need a 'degree' to get one!?

I was amused and a little confused to read that an American university is offering a degree for being a barista! Is a 3 to four year qualification really that necessary to make a good cup of coffee? OK, it probably is in the USA given that they still insist on that terrible drip type coffee that NZ got rid of years ago in favour of quality flat whites and espressos.
One wonders how they would fill in the time needed to attain the degree. Will they spend months on the ‘country of origin’ for the beans, attend countless tasting sessions,  resulting in an allergic reaction every time they taste coffee once they have their ‘papers?’ Will they need eyes tests to recognise the perfect colouration of the exact ‘look’ of the ‘real thing?’
I am not denigrating the work and skills of a good barista, but is this not one step too far? It does make one wonder just what next the ‘qualification stakes’ will demand. I am sure you can come up with a few; like polishing your car, or furniture removal; all much needed occupations, but---a degree---some on-----get real!
Yes, after writing this blog, I shall still be able to look my favourite baristas at Eden Coffee in Mt Eden---right in the eye, in the knowledge that they make fabulous coffee, probably leant on the spot with the odd ‘refresher’ course thrown in for quality control.
Ok --please smile and don’t take my post too seriously or you may need a degree in the ‘recognising of posts that take the piss.’

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