Sunday, June 15, 2014

What's in the fridge---time for a healthy and cheap dinner.

My food friend Doug, who has had the same operation as me (Bariatric surgery) has  anew lease on life; so much so that his garden is once again abundant and overflowing with 'good things.' There is no way he can consume the treasures he grows, even if he invites people for dinner every night and hey---a guys gotta have some down-time-alone eh.
Get the picture yet? Yes---correct---I came home yesterday and there, hanging on the fence was a gab of home grown delights; some young kale, lettuce and rosemary. Blessed are you, Doug!
Tonight when I arrived home after the usual walk with Perdy, down at the 'Bay,' I decided to cook up a healthy treat using some of Doug's generosity and whatever I could find in the fridge. I found three flat mushrooms, and a pottle of soft tofu. Cool---the 'use by date' is several days away, so---whoopee--it's chuck in, whatever and there will be enough for dinner and lunch tomorrow.
 I add some oil to a frypan and biff in the cut mushrooms and garlic, then add the tofu with some stock power and paprika with a little sweet soy sauce.  Then I added some pepper and chilly  flakes. After a few minutes I add the cut up kale and let the whole lot simmer with the lid on for about ten minutes. I turn the cooker off and let it sit.
Yummy and oh so dammed healthy; you wouldn't know it. Go try and if it doesn't take your fancy, try any combination of your favourite 'condiments.' The amount I made would have fed  about four people if you had it on rice. I tend to go really light now on the carbs, but you don't have to.


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