Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Shane Jones, David Shearer and God knows who else to join KDC?

One has to wonder who KDC is holding in his back pocket as the big surprise re his latest ‘subject,’ to join him in the mansion, prior to getting into Parliament. Such a mystery person will be needed indoor for KDC to have a ‘stooge’ in Parliament, if he wants to have an Internet Party presence. There has been much media conjecture as to the name; claims flying about someone ready to jump ship, but the two main names are silly to say the least. Why on earth would Shane join a party that has such a narrow base and certainly the prospect of David Shearer is bordering on the ridiculous. Of course Shane has also been linked with Winston Peters re the latter’s desire to find a successor. That does make some sense!  
We need to go back to the whole messy KDC saga. He is facing ‘export against his will,’ back to the USA to face charges, which he strenuously denies. It is not for me to comment on the validity of those claims, but I suspect that any political move on KDC’s part is most likely an action that he sees a being effective in keeping him in NZ. As to his real political aims; they seem narrow and do not fit with a party hoping to garner support on the bigger issues of the day; like education, health and the other big-card contenders. Still, there is time for KDC and his ‘ghost team,’ to put up some policy. That will be an interesting exercise.
In the meantime, ‘We the People,’ will have to put up with his stage managed publicity attempts, all in the name of keeping KDC in the limelight, lest we forget him!

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