Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Japan cancels next year's Whale Hunt---what about the year after?

OK, so we have won---for now. Japan has cancelled the whale hunt in the Antarctic waters, after an historic court ruling and 25 years of 'scientific' whaling. Various organizations and Governments ( especially those of Australia and NZ) have fought to stop this revolting practice. Now the Japanese have announced that they are not going back to the frozen south next year, we should not relax, thinking that we have won the war. We have just won a short respite, because we can be sure that all efforts will now be made to resurrect the whaling; it's just that the Japanese need time to formulate  a system that complies with international law. That there is increasing opposition to the abhorrent practice within Japan is perhaps the best hope for a permanent victory. What we must also taken into account is that Japan may well feel slighted by this 'loss,' and everyone knows that their sensitivity will have been sorely tested and they will not meekly go away and accept the historic decision. Watch out for the 'rebound!'

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