Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Major earthquake to hit Auckland!

Bet that got you going----but it’s true. A report out today suggests that Auckland will get a major earthquake every 10,000 to 20,000 years. Phew, that means we won’t see one for quite a while---hopefully. But---the question has to be asked: How prepared for this major event, is Auckland. One only has to look at some of the buildings, especially along the older shopping strips to realize that they just aren’t up to it. Those crumbly looking edifices look like they would tumble on anyone passing beneath, with disastrous results. Then there are the beautiful old ‘higher-rise’ buildings in the city---they too, present ‘issues.’ Unlike Wellington, not a hell of a lot has gone on to strengthen most older buildings.
Another factor that must be taken into account is the ’unpreparedness’ of Aucklanders, generally. How many have experienced large earthquakes? There is a certain blasé feeling around Auckland, ‘that it won’t happen,’ well at least not in ‘My’ lifetime.’ If and when it does actually happen, chaos will rule as we all struggle to get away from the destruction and then finding food and shelter will become almost impossible. People will need to ‘get home,’ most of who live many kilometres from their workplaces.
How many of us obey the rules---you know---the fresh water, tinned goods and other essentials? How many of us have battery radios? How dependant are we on the net. SIRVIVAL cannot be a function of Google!
Better get ready folks---for the big one, in 10,000 to 20,000 years. Mm---where are we on the spectrum? When was the last ‘big one?’

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