Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Romania--wow----someone is reading my blogs there a great deal today!

Fantastic! I love it when I see a country figuring big time as a ‘new’ reader of my blogs. Yes, I know there have a been a few hits on my website and blog from Romania in the past, but 20 in one day is more than just coincidental. I am most pleased and when something like this happens, I always Google that country to increase my knowledge. The links between Romania and NZ are primarily in the sporting field (Rugby, in particular) and a very small number of immigrants. Let them increase and decrease NZ’s dependence on just a few other large economies. Smaller nations, especially those of NZ’s relative ‘smallness’ on the world scene, should stick together more.
OK< keep reading ‘me,’ Romania and hopefully download or buy the hard copies of my books. That can happen once the ‘upload to Amazon is completed in the next week or so. I just signed off the final reviews so that the book, ROSKILL can go to the printers.

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