Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Boko Haram---no other word to desrcibe them other than ---EVIL!

We have witnessed many incidents whereby the Boko Haram group of fundamentalist Islamists have terrorised the people of Northern Nigeria. We have seen them murder, bomb, mutilate and kidnap the citizens of Nigeria. What possible faith-based justification can they give for their evil actions? How can they use the plight of 100 young girls (who they have just kidnapped) to push their cause, which I assume is to establish a Sharia law based nation in Nigeria? Where in their holly book, if indeed they can even read it, does it give them the right to follow such pathways? I feel for moderate Muslims, who bear the brunt of any response for the actions of their extremist relations. The former are no different to any religious group, who have the same wishes for their families, the same desire for peace as the rest of the vast bulk of humanity.
We hear that extremist groups are a response to the injustices of Governments  and the exclusion of minorities (and sometime majorities, when it comes to income sharing within nations) but the violent, criminal and destructive choices Boko Haram follow are an insult to all people, no matter what their religious or otherwise choices. That the Government of Nigeria is corrupt is a fact, but the response from Boko Haram will go down in history as somewhere up there like the Khmer Rouge. They must be stopped now. Dialogue will obviously fail, because they do not ‘listen.’ They just show their intolerance and ignorance through violence and hate.

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