Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I am being cruel, am I not? Should I make fun of the 'Dear Leader?'

I am so lucky that I do not live near the North Korean embassy. Hey, do they even have one in New Zealand?  If the answer to both points is yes, then I could be in deep doggie poo! The report on the hair salon in London, which just happens to be very close to the North Korean Embassy, received a visit from two men in dark suits, requesting the said salon to desist from using a picture of the ‘Dear Leader’ to advertise for solutions re ‘a bad hair day.’ It appears that the embassy staff was most put out that such actions could take place. This of course would never happen in the ‘mad fantasyland’ next to South Korea. Anyone contemplating such vial actions would need to be ‘re-educated or possibly put to death with a flame thrower!’
The police were called and decided to take no action as no laws were broken; in other words the message was given to the North Koreans to pull their heads in! What must it be like working for this psychotic regime; having to represent it to the rest of the world, in a nation that actual values freedom of choice, where criticism of the government (OK, I won’t go too far in my praise of one of the world’s oldest democracies, because there are those who will not believe me) is actually ---ah---OK! Indeed UK citizens thrive on having that right.
Can’t you see the officials in the embassy, peering through shrouded windows, aiming their directional mikes at the salon in the hope that they can record people’s conversation about their beloved homeland and ‘Dear Leader?’ They would of course be disappointed; firstly because they wouldn’t understand the Cockney accents (I made that one up out of desperation!) and words would be used that just wouldn’t figure in their appropriately assumed world views, or should I say, that espoused by their Dear Leader.
I suspect that in the next few days, the British secret service will revive a visit from several bedraggled North Korean officials, who will be seeking political asylum, as they fear for their lives. They had not delivered the result desired by tier God-like leader; hence their lives are now in danger.  Extrapolate this extreme situation to the whole of North Korea and you start to get a picture of what life is like for other than those close to the Dear Leader or those in the army. AND—we worry about a few nut-head pro-Russian fanatics; stooges of Putin who would drag us closer to the Cold War of old. Mmm----- maybe Putin is a clone of you know who!

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