Saturday, April 12, 2014

Eggs rule---but even they need a 'lift' sometimes.

Since my bariatric operation a year ago, I have come to value the importance of eggs. Gone are the days when we were told that they were our enemy. I well remember the old advert that said, 'if you have an egg in the house you have a meal.' That of course was put out by the 'egg industry,' and when measured against the 'fear of cholesterol,' ,many of us, avoided more than a few eggs a week.
Thankfully, today we have a more 'balanced' approach to eggs and the part they play in a healthy diet. For me, in those early days after my operation, they were a God-send. Those runny poached eggs (well it was one at first) went down a treat and they provided a protein and mineral hit that my body needed and craved. I go through at least 8 a week now and before you get alarmed--they consist of the only protein I have in the meal when I am eating eggs, except when I hit a local cafĂ©. That they are not raising my cholesterol level is backed up by the fact that I don't take any Statins now for that previously worrying condition. Now, once again before the woe-betide brigade, I am not saying that everyone should follow my dietary journey. One should always take into account their particular health issues and discuss those with their doctor. My journey is just that---mine.
Now that I have discarded all the 'but you shouldn't' or 'you're mad,' comments and lets face it---I am not here to convince anyone to jump onto my regime, I can get on  with the real purpose of this blog---I shall share my lovely upmarket (OK--it's not really) version of poached or, yes, fried eggs.
1) Make some wholemeal toast. (one small slice for me)
2) Heat up the fry pan, wok ort whatever you cook your eggs in.
3) Either poach (I put in boiling water with vinegar added, to help keep the whits together) or fry your eggs in a little olive oil, until done top your idea of perfection.
4) Take your toast and lightly spread with some marmite or vegemite and then stick a slice of cheese ( I use the 'tasty Chesdale) which can be as flash as you wish.
5) Cut the toasty/cheese into bite slice pieces and sprinkle with capers.
6) Dish up the eggs and enjoy. The capers provide an enticing lift to the eggs. I love this 'all-day breakfast' with my coffee made in my AeroPress coffee maker. (see an earlier blog about this amazing cheap little implement.\\
Oh so simple and yes---healthy.

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