Friday, April 11, 2014

Kim and Hone or will it be Hone and Kim? Who's 'top and who's bottom!?'

Political desperation, or is it just good sense 'survival' politics? If you had been watching the news tonight and saw a close-up of Sue Bradford's face, a former politician (or is a reborn aspirant?) then not everybody at the Mana Party 'conference' agrees with the present posturing. She was banned from talking to the media, before tonight's meeting that will decide whether this unholy alliance will go forward. I suspect that there will be blood on the floor later tonight!
I felt a twinge of disbelief crawling up my spine as I listened to KDC telling all; how he often went to bed early, after only managing toast and Ketchup for dinner in his younger days! That feeling grew as I listened his attempts to describe his 'connection' to the poor and how his union with Mana will help Maori.
One cannot help thinking of historical events when Maori were hoodwinked in many ways by my own predecessors. It seems that history does and will repeat and that nothing has been learnt!
KDC, watched by a smirking and slightly uncomfortable looking Hone, attempted to smooth the political bed, citing how he wanted to help Maori. I have this nagging feeling that the only basis for KDC 'putting it out there' and bringing 'much love' to the 'marriage of convenience,' is to further his own agenda---that is to be in a position to expand his business options, via Parliament, by means of a  proxy, because he cannot stand for election himself and in  the long run to somehow influence the lawmakers to keep him safe here in NZ, so that he need not face the 'business wolves' in the USA who he has mightily offended. Not that I have much sympathy for them either, but come on folks--are we going to be sucked in by this parade of the politically stupid!? Oh well---stranger things have and will happen. Bottom line---this is all about KDC and Hone is just being USED. He may yet get a message from his own party tonight and therein lies the seeds for the demise of the Mana Party.

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