Saturday, April 12, 2014

Putin is about as transparent as my Jack Russell, but at least I can trust my dog! She doesn't lie.

It is obvious now, just what Putin and his cronies in Ukraine are up to. They are steadily increasing the pressure on the East and South of this beleaguered country. First they took the Crimea and to a certain extent I understood that; it was the low down lies that went along with the process that got me. Now, under the pretext that 'things are out of control' and that locals want to unite with Russia, we see Russia preparing to go on to eastern Ukraine in order to 'establish order' and to conduct a phony referendum. The spectre of masked men, presenting as 'concerned citizens, taking over government buildings and building barricades is nothing short of comical, if it was not for the sinister forces behind such actions.
 Russia is now on a course that is going to see it being labelled a pariah state. Who can trust the despotic leader of Russia? He has pummelled his opposition, something easy to achieve in Russia, given its tragic history. I have tried to be neutral in this affair but now, I genuinely believe that Russia is hell bound on rebuilding the Soviet Empire of old, the Cold War re-established and the tension we all lived under for a generation, about to be reignited.
I am not saying that the USA is innocent in this struggle between East and West, but at least there is still a modicum of means to object when the USA goes too far. For Russia, no  such mechanisms exist. Russia is the very 'fascist State' hat it says is being established in   Ukraine. 
The EU needs to cut its dependency on Russian gas and develop alternate energy sources. I am sure that this is happening at a pace now, never seen before. When  they achieve that position, they should cut off support for trading with Russia while it follows such dangerous expansionist policies. The USA too, should take a message from these events. The world is well over the concentration of power in the hands of the Great Powers. We all inhabit this earth; not for the purposes of meeting the needs of the major players. In the meantime, Putin---pull ya head in! To the USA and the rest of the world---remember those fateful words of yesteryear about 'peace in our time.' They were spoken about another tyrant!

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