Sunday, April 13, 2014

Climate change---to those who still have their heads in the sand, or their wallets----we all share planet earth.

There is little doubt that the activities of humans have contributed massively to climate change and that even if natural cycles occur, our oceans lakes and rivers are slowly, but at an accelerating rate, turning into habitats that will not sustain life as we know it. The implications are that humans will sooner rather than later, be seriously affected along with many other species, plants and animal.
Despite all the evidence we have this rump in the scientific fraternity, who are in the clutches of big industry and financial oligarch who challenge what is obvious to most. As our oceans become more acidic and the air we breath more polluted, we risk the very existence of life on earth. We already know that the oceans are rising and that has huge implications for many of our largest cities as they struggle to 'keep their heads above water.' In the lifetime of our children, we are going to see nations struggling to feed their populaces, even more so than we do now, and the pressure in more sensitive and highly populated regions becomes more intense, we are in for social upheaval and war on a scale we have never seen before. Politicians who are only interested in short term goals and who don't take in the 'bigger picture,' only add to the problem. What is it going to take---to galvanise Governments around the world to come to an agreement that goes beyond geographic boundaries or economic rivalries? The clock is ticking and by the time we do see agreement, it will be too late. In the meantime we put up with egotistical despots and industrial cliques who care nothing other than for themselves and their plans and ambitions. Unless powers like the USA, China, Russia, the EU and India come aboard re a plan to  curb the use of fossil fuels, then the future is indeed bleak. Maybe we should insist that our leaders are all under 50, knowing that they have an investment in the future of this jewel in the universe---for now!

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