Thursday, March 6, 2014

New Zealand makes the best cofffee in the world. Tell me something I didn't know!

Have you ever wandered along the streets of inner Wellington and observed those tiny little stand-up-and-drink,’ coffee bars? There’s nothing like them in my city, Auckland. They make damn good coffee, along with the other establishments in that windy city. Yes, I can get great coffee in Auckland and most other places in NZ now, including country towns. Gone are the days of that terrible ‘drip/filter coffee’ or even worse, something out of a jar, claiming to be ‘coffee.’
Wellingtonians have known their little secret for ages, but the rest of us have finally caught on. What is it about Wellington and NZ in general that has led us to this wonderful position? Why are we so spoilt, to the point that NZ baristas  have gone over seas, along with our ‘Aussie cousins’ and spread the word about ‘flat whites’ and great coffee? You can find Kiwis and Aussies everywhere, disseminating the skills and knowledge, even I n the heart of what should be considered ‘coffee ‘cities?
I don’t know the answers and quite frankly, I don’t care, just so long as we continue to get the great coffee that we have become accustomed to. Perhaps it is the politicians who have helped to fuel the growth of this wonderful beverage, prepared in the best possible way; hell they need something special to hang on to, whilst debating and carrying on like—well, in a much better manner than what we have been observing in other countries that use Parliament for battle grounds in the most physical sense of the word. Maybe out politicians are all addicted to the ‘brown brew’ (no, I don’t mean beer) and are relatively content with their lot. Now all they have to do is transfer the feeling of well-being to the rest of us.
Well done, Wellington.
PS, Read the report in the New Zealand Herald, for today, 7th March, 2014.

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