Thursday, March 6, 2014

AeroPress coffee maker---I don't need my Italian coffee maker anymore, expcept for the milk steamer!

It's true. I am mighty impressed by my cheap little AeroPress coffee espresso 'machine.' If it wasn't for the fact that I need the Italian machine for it's milk frothing qualities, I suspect that my bench top would be minus one more item cluttering it up and wouldn't that be good!
Yes, I know that the AeroPress does not do the crema but the quality and taste is no different---actually the taste is as good as and more consistent than the bigger machine. I love the after-taste and for me, that is one of the 'pointers' to a great cup of coffee. So, AeroPress, although this is not a paid advertisement for your little machine, it should be! You make a fantastic product and it hardly needs advertising. One does not see your product on 'As seen on TV,' yet, in NZ and I would say---steer clear of that site, because quite frankly, most items on there, are less than useless!
My easy to use, trusty AeroPress coffee maker.

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