Thursday, March 6, 2014

I can't afford to cook a good meal, for visitors or friends ----bullshit!---YOU CAN DO IT!

OK, provocative headline and not fair if you are 'barley existing on some sort of benefit but even then I could make the following recipe (as long as you are prepared to actually go outside and GROW something!) even cheaper by excluding a few ingredients or substituting bits and pieces. If you can read this, then you can produce the results that will please yourself, family and friends.
Step one:
 Go buy a about a kilo of chicken drumsticks from somewhere that they are on special---like the Mad Butcher or the Aussie Butcher. (It's OK if you don't use 'Countdown---Kiwis will know what I mean!)
Step two:
 Buy the Indonesian packet of spices ($1.30) as pictured below. You can get it from most supermarkets or if you live in Auckland, many Asian food shops. If you don't fancy something spicy, then use any Magi soup mix.
Step three:
Fry the spice mix (in a spoon of oil) or if you are using the Magi soup mix, (Onion or Cream of chicken----they all work) add that once the chicken has cooked for a few minutes.
Step four:
Add the chicken if using the Indonesian mix and if you like add a small packet or tin of coconut cream or mil. You don't have to do this; just add water--enough to half cover the mix. Simmer at  a low heat for ten minutes. DON'T boil the crap out of it!
Step five:
Add the bunch of NZ spinach that I found growing wild in my garden. Go to a garden centre where they sell it---it self seeds in almost any place. If not---grow your own silver beet (Swiss Chard---really---it is the easiest thing to grow and it will grow in almost any soil in NZ!) If you have  any of those numerous Asian greens growing---use them. If you just don't know what you are doing re a home garden, go to your local Citizens Advice and they will pout you in touch with a local group that can get you started---it's easy---just DO IT!)
Step six:
Now for the final touch and to bulk out the meal:  Cook up some rice or noodles. If you haven't got one of those very cheap rice cookers, do it in a big pot. OH, by the way; I used a wok for the first part of the meal---they too, are very cheap a large Asian supermarkets.

You can vary this recipe and play around with different additions. It is as cheap as you want it to be---very much cheaper and far better for you than take away meals. ANYONE can do it. Just ask for
help from family, friends or someone who will be glad to help.
The meal is cooked when the chicken is tender; usually it will look like the meat is coming away from the bone.

Use this or any Magi soup mix.
Yummy---YOU CAN DO IT!
The green 'stuff' is New Zealand Spinach---it grows wild.


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