Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Judith Collins---much has been made about her 'meetings' with Chinese officials. Election 2014 (part 4)

OK, so Judith Collins may or may not have crossed the line re using her position as Minister of the Crown to give a bit of a boost to the company that her partner happens to hold a high position in. I find it hard to get too excited about all this. For goodness sake, is not the possibility that New Zealand jobs may be gained, a factor in this? I know, that there is a line that has been crossed, and that ‘others’ may say that they don’t have the same access to Chinese officials, simply because they don’t have partners who are Ministers of the Crown. It looks like Judith may have omitted to tell us the full story but once again, flogging this horse is not necessarily going to garner votes for Labour and the other opposition parties. We in the ‘real world’ do not get quite so heated about some of the processes that our MPs get hung up on. The public does not take the same view as our esteemed parliamentarians, so why don’t our politicians get on with telling us about their policies; the ones that will actually make a difference to the lives of ‘most’ New Zealanders,’ instead of playing this pointless game- scoring crap that does nothing to add to the debate about who will lead NZ to a better place. From a ‘purists’ point of view, I know that Judith may be a tad uncomfortable, but I would rather we debate issues that mean a great deal more to the lives of those who are about to cast their votes in September. Once again, I say, let’s talk about Health, Education, Regional development and creating employment. The other stuff is just that---stuff, that only politicians get their rocks off over! The rest of us really are on a different planet. AND---things do come back to bite you in the bum—so be careful, Labour, Greens etc. The Conservatives are watching you closely---or is it GOD!?

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