Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Horror stories again re the 'P' lab cookers, putting their children at risk.

One again we watched a TV programme depicting criminals cooking ‘P’(Methamphetamine ) in rented properties, all within close proximity of their children. It is bad enough that they make the house uninhabitable for a lengthy period of time, but to conduct this highly toxic operation in the vicinity of their children is totally lacking in any thought other than that of the profit motive. If there was any doubt that such activities are not awash with money, then one only had to see the endless list of luxury items and loose cash that abounded in the home. The house had been under surveillance for quite some time and the massive police swoop, including the ‘Armed Defenders Squad,’ says much about the potential danger from the gangs who control much of this illicit trade.
When one thinks of the potential damage to innocent children, who have no say in who their parents are or where they live, takes this crime to new levels. Figures were quoted in the programme that indicated that more than 600 young people were found during the year in ‘P’ lab homes. What long term damage has been done to these children? How much has their future been compromised, not just physically and mentally; but the attitude that they have witnessed; one that minimalizes the effects of criminal activity—are those families now going to figure on the next generation of crime in the community? Have these children been desensitized re the dangers of ‘P?’
The police say that they are getting a handle on ‘P’ labs and that they have made serious indents in the operation and cooking of ‘P,’ but unless all of us as members of society are prepared to ‘tell’ (call it what you wish) about illegal activities in our communities, then we are doomed to unsafe, shady and dangerous goings on in the ‘house next door,’ or the tinny house down the road. All of these ‘dens’ are a scourge on our society. That the criminals are prepared to take such risks, speaks much for the money to be made from the suffering of others. I fully support the police because they are taking the battle to the criminals so that we may all be a little safer.
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