Wednesday, March 12, 2014

'Buying' New Zealand citizenship---we have seen this before!

Of course ‘money talks!’----- What is new---we have seen citizenship granted by the Ministers at the time, from both major parties, so why are we surprised to yet again see a Minister of the Crown not taking the advice of his or her officials and going ahead and granting citizenship to rich and powerful businessmen. I don’t care about the country of origin but I do care that we have rules for the rich and different ones for the less rich. The actions reported in the NZ herald today, smack of money related favouritism and the subsequent donation to the coffers of the National Party just emphasises the point. Hell, that is a pretty cheap price ($22,000) to pay of the privilege of providing citizenship and a blot-hole for a businessman, should things ever go ‘pear-shaped’ in his country of origin.
Labour should be careful in its criticism of the Minister who made this decision, because they too have had their episodes of ‘political favouritism. They should not attempt to make ‘holier than thou status’ of this situation because that will only invite the return of the species to them. Instead, they should focus on the upcoming election and give us real policy for us to assess before we make the big decision later in the year. But, no doubt politicians of all persuasions will jump on the bandwagons to make hay while they can, forgetting that such moves have a nasty habit of coming back to bite their collective butts.

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