Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Nigerian 'scam' machine is at it again.

It seems that we read about incidents as reported in the NZ Herald about yet another Nigerian scam are going to keep on happening; this time an older person being scammed into believing that he was going to receive a huge payment, merely for the ‘transporting of some ‘goods’ into NZ. Greed takes over, even amongst those of us who should know better. The old adage of ‘if it’s too good to be true, then it probably isn’t,’ should be engrained on our brains so that we read less of these sad events.
The man involved was completely sucked in by the false promises of his ‘handlers,’ travelling to PNG to meet and start his ‘journey to richness.’ After an extensive surveillance programme, brought on after he was intercepted at our borders, and his  co-operating with our police, the man now faces his day in court, along with quite a few of those who were in the ‘ring’ with him.
Perhaps it should be compulsory viewing for every NZer to watch the ‘Border Control’ programmes on TV so that they can see that in both NZ and Australia, there are robust systems in place to stop the trafficking of illegal drugs and other goods. That the substance in this case was the precursor to the manufacturing of ‘P’ only goes to show that we need to step up our resources to stop this insidious blot on our society crossing our borders, then destroying so many of those who have anything to do with it, at supplier level through to the user.
Go read ROSKIL, BY NEIL COLEMAN, to get a down to earth handle on how ‘P’ can affect a family and nearly destroy it. The book is one that teenagers must read and parents too, to see the impact of their actions on the lives of their kids. You can download it on your Kindle by going to www.authorneilcoleman.com and following the links.

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