Tuesday, February 11, 2014

If I needed to be reminded why I needed Bariatric surgery, then take a look at the 'old' picture!

As I walked past the boss's office today, his lovely secretary called me in. She said---'we need to change your picture on our files.'
'Why?' I said.
'Look at this,' she replied, with a look that was partly serious and incredulous at the same time. The boss took a look and seemed to have forgotten that I once looked like that!
If I need any reason to 'stay on track' or if I need a boost to remained me that it's all been worth it, I shall just take a peak at the old me. I am so thankful, even though I have more debt---well, now I have a life again. Who said fat chubby guys are happy? Feckin liars!
In the 'olden days,' not so long ago, I used to be--very unhappy and totally unhealthy. Damn, that neck was non-existent!


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