Monday, February 10, 2014

Bracewell and Ryder: the answer is easy for their 'indiscretions.'

I was listening to talk-back radio on Sunday and the callers were once again lambasting Ryder and Bracewell for their latest ‘indiscretions.’ Apparently (and there are probably more stories to come) the two went out the night before a Test Match (that’s in Cricket, for my readers who wouldn’t have a clue about what I am talking about) and had a few drinks. Jeeze, in days gone by, no one would have even noticed!
People were saying, ‘drop them from the squad,’ amongst other over-the-top, holier than thou suggestions, about how to deal to these two excellent cricketers. I heard people going on about in this ‘professional age’ of sport that such behaviours shouldn’t be tolerated. OK, that’s fine, but please remember these guys are typical young guys who ‘press the boundaries’ so if we want to see them ‘hit the boundaries’ then lax up people. Sure they need a reminder and I say that they just need to have happen what I read about today---repeatedly, so they got pinged where it hurts---in their pockets---they got fined! That’s all we have to do and what better way of learning the new etiquette of ‘professional’ sportsmanship and behaviours. Mind you, if this was in Australia, they’d be ‘bloody heroes’ for being pissheads!

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