Friday, January 3, 2014

Solar oven 'induced' ice-cream. Yeah, your eyes haven't deceived you!

Just when you thought I had left off with my countless blogs re my solar oevn---well--here goes again; this time my wonderful process for a fruity and slightly naughty ice-cream. No, I didn't make it on the oven. That is scientifically impossible because no matter what I do, I can't make the temperature go to freezing pint--funny that, eh.
OK, I shall remove those thoughts you were having about how dopey I am! I didn't make the ice-cream in the solar oven but I did sort of cook up four packets of strawberries mixed with a little sugar, for about three hours. It is still possible to buy them really cheaply--but not for much longer so get on and replicate my experiment.
The mixture went all syrupy and gooey. The flavour was intense. To make the ice-cream, I brought a popular NZ brand,  (Tip Top) French Vanilla  to be exact.  I let it get a little soft then added a large pottle of unsweetened plain yoghurt. To this I mixed in the cooled strawberries, saving some for when the mixture became a little firmer when I put it back in the freezer. Now the 'evil part! You don't have to do this and I suspect that it affects the freezing qualities of the finished product. I accidentally slipped in a large measure of Kahlua and brandy! The possibilities for varying this recipe are endless, so use your imagination. Hell, you could even add ginger-nuts or your other favourite biscuits (cookies, for my USA readers) of lollies etc. You need to take it out of the freezer every 20 minutes or so and remix it so that it freezes evenly. I think that you need to let it soften a bit before you serve it, if your plan is to use it the next day. Personally, I like it a little soft. Try it and lap up the praise you will receive. You can make ordinary ice-cream that lifts it above the ordinary and as long as you don't ea the whole damn container, it is healthier than the full-cream ice-cream, with the addition  of the yoghurt and berries. ENJOY! 

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