Friday, January 3, 2014

Brave New World?---Don't think so.

I wonder if the authors of that famous phrase, 'Brave New World,' envisioned the world we see today; a world in which nearly every continent is at war with itself, sometimes having their strings pulled by the major 'players,' who have always been behind the scenes. The names have changed in some cases and the extent  of influence  according to 'pull-power' are with us today, thriving in a world of one-upsmanship and political intrigue. Sometimes the games play out in religious terms, but look deeper and there will be nothing more than naked greed for the control power and resources. 'Good books' are used to justify certain stances, children and women paying the price for the machinations or misuse of the said books.
Whether it be the Middle-Age Crusades or the expansion of empire, it all comes down to the same base causal factors.
Take a look at the myriad of 'failed-states' or about to be, and you will get the picture. Look at the swath of countries in Central Africa and the terrible power-plays in the Middle East and the vista of sadness becomes clearer. Take the fringes of Europe and last bastions of drug lords in South America and you uncover yet more instances of disenfranchised populaces and large proportions of the citizens missing out on a life that we in New Zealand take for granted, despite out protests about those who would rule us. At least we have it within our  means to make changes, if we bother to take up the cause.
It is the apathy in our own country and similar democracies and the lack of an expression to legally and effectively change regimes in  much of the world that leads me to to my dismal view of the world in 2014.
Maybe I am just watching too much news on the many channels on offer. Therein is another group of 'players,' usually backed by the same forces that feed the chaos thus described. Try not to get sucked in by the Fox News establishments of the media world. Read within the words of RT or CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and our own news and come to your own conclusions. Use social media but make sure you hold fast to the touch-stone of; 'don't believe everything you read and hear, see or observe.' No source of 'factual reporting' is without its particular biases, meaning he/she who pays the piper probably controls the slant of the news.
'Brave New World'---did you ever exists in anything other then in our imaginations? We don't give up of course. There will always be inspirational figures who take the edge off our despair.  I shall leave it to you to name them.

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