Friday, January 3, 2014

Damn---why can't lightening strike when you need it----Windows 8!

I have still not resolved the issues I am having with my 'new' computer; this after even clever people have had an input. I would like to thank the people who have kindly offered suggestions, on-line, all of which have been considered by my 'helpers.' I have had quite improbable thoughts re the reasons, sometimes blaming myself for my lack of computer 'savvyness.'
I have heard from a few of you who have also had issues with Windows 8 (don't even think about downloading Windows 8.1!) and it seems that there are quite a few people out there who are bashing their heads against the wall. I am trying not to overreact but I have reached a level of frustration that should not be apparent when one is supplied with a new computer, post Jack Russell attention of the older one.
OK, so it comes down to two questions: Is it the Windows 8 platform or is it something to do with the Samsung computer itself? I do not want to think that it is something to do with what the firm delivering the insurance work (installation and supply of the computer)
What is it that is happening you ask? The main issue is the one where the clock keeps losing time and it feels like I am in a 'time reversal warp.' No matter how many times we reset the time, (having followed all of your suggestions) it just keeps happening. I am not sure how this affects other aspects of the computer; maybe it's merely a foible I have to get used to!-----NO! On Monday I shall follow through and ring the insurance company and demand---yes, demand satisfaction, pistols drawn and 10 paces later one of us will hit the dust! After-all, there is something in NZ, called the Consumers Act. I am well over feeling like a dumb-arse later middle-aged technically challenged 'gentleman.'  Where's that feckin lightening! Someone please forward this to Samsung and Windows 8 designers. 

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