Saturday, January 4, 2014

It's 'diet time,' folks--now get sucked in and go watse your money! NO---------DON"T!!!!!!!!!!!

Every year, just after a 'Happy Xmas,' many people make New year resolutions to lose that extra weight they put on over the break. All those little indiscretions have settled about various parts of your body. I am an EXPERT is such matters; the putting on and the constant battle to take it off. I got sucked into countless 'diets, fad and many that doctors say are 'acceptable,' like Weight Watchers, Sure Slim, just to name two. I also tried a few 'fad ones, like 'Low Fat, High Fibre,' journeys.
Of course they were very successful---for a while. It is the maintenance of these diets,' or as I came to call them---'Life styles,' that is so difficult. Anyone who has read much about the claims made by so many of these 'proponents' (read those who stand to gain by pushing such 'facts' on us) will eventually find out about the body's natural 'fight-back' against the attempts we make to starve us of what we most need---sustenance. We are geared to eat when food is available and when we make cuts, after a while, our bodies fight to regain what we have denied it. Sorry, not very scientific , I know, but look hard enough at the literature--and look widely!---and you will see the same message coming through loud and clear, a message that has been around in various mediums for quite some time.
I expect that my words will ring true for some but uncover a sense of absolute anger from others, either directed at themselves or at me for making such claims, who have invested in time and money on so many attempts to get back that 'body of their youth'. For the huge majority of us; that is, those of us who do not have that 'compulsion,' that entails living every moment in the gym, monitoring what goes in and pushing aside the other aspects of our lives that may take time away from the main event---losing weight and keeping it off. Most of us do not have the time or the totally obsessive personalities that such a road entails.
Do we give up in our attempts to 'turn back the clock or do we re-define what it is that we are doing. Yes, self-image and confidence drive many of us to the extremes described above but the real driving force is one of living a healthier lifestyle, hence I do like the attitude and direction magazines like 'Healthy Food Guide' take; one that is 'doable' and can possibly be maintained. Even then, however, one has to remain vigilant and the line between success and failure is indeed a fine one.
For most of us, the journey is an ever downward spiral. Just look at your word mates after a long break. Many of them have piled on the pounds and so begins the battle of the bulge---yet again!
You will read about psychological explanations nit once again, be careful about taking those 'revelations' as being the whole story. The bottom line should always be your health and for some---it gets to the point whereby, if you don't take stock and arrive at the terrible conclusion that your weight gain had reached the point of  'fix it or say goodbye to tour pension days.' The world is getting fatter and counties like New Zealand have reached a position that 33% of its population are over-weight or obese. Just extrapolate that out re the implications for the health system.
For me, the message was clear! For many people, it is the same. I chose a dramatic solution; one that is not right for everyone who is overweight and not one that I advocate as being the 'cure-all.' or holy grail of weight loss-----but it worked for me. Talk to your doctor if you are worried about the rising line of health issues and expanding waistline that is you. If you have the accompany health issues: type two diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and sleep apnoea, just to name the main players, then that 'talk'  should happen soon.
I lost about 36% of my body weight and went from a BMI of 43 to 26. Yes, I had to pay (about NZ$17,000) because I am too old for the  'freebie.' See it as an investment in your life if you and your doctor (not me, telling you you should!) and add an extra dozen or so years to our life. NO----it is not for everyone---but BARIATRIC SURGERY CAN BE A USEFUL TOOL FOR YOU TO GET BACK YOUR ZEST AND THE POSSIBILITY OF A WHOLE NEW JOURNEY.
Yip, I spent money, just like you have been doing on these 'diets for years. Add up the cost of these and you may be surprised.  Hell, if you are a smoker the savings in stoping that would pay for the operation after three years. (Figures based on an an average smoker in NZ---$7000 a year)  That of course is another whole story on  its own!

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