Saturday, January 4, 2014

I would love to know who is reading my blogs in China and how you access them!

It is wonderful to know that people are reading my blogs in China. I would also like to talk with you. You can follow the links from my website and make contact that way. I wish to visit China one day The changes that are happening so fast that things are just not like they used to be. I am happy that a 'green movement' is slowly gathering momentum there. It seems to coincide with the massive growth of the middle class. No doubt other changes are on the horizon too. China is now New Zealand's biggest 'trading partner,' so it is very important to NZ.  Let's face it, most of the textiles and various other items in my house, come from China. You could say---'I wear China,' or 'I cook with or process things with products' made in China everyday. 

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