Saturday, January 4, 2014

Beautiful succulents---great for those who hate watering plants.

One has to be very careful with 'containerized' gardens---they require a lot more attention than their 'in-ground' cousins. They are however, more 'accessible' and easy to get to. No climbing up banks or needing to hose them from a distance. However, you can lose all of your hard work in a matter of days; indeed on one very hot day. Containers can dry out. Thank God, I don't live in Aussie (and I bet they are saying that too!) where temperatures of 40c plus are possible. Hell, forget about bush fires, just worry about the scorched containers and dead plants.
There is a solution---switch to succulents; those hardly little critters of the plant world; all forgiving of neglect and lack of watering. In fact, if you water them too much, they won;t thank you. Another great plus is that you do not have to spend lots of money on them; just snip off bits from your friends or gather those hanging parts that droop over the footpath (OK, I did venture slightly beyond the bounds of the FP on my walks). Stick the treasure of your sojourns straight into their new homes; you know---the boxes you have brought from the garden-centre or ones you cleverly made. Water them in, just a tiny bit and leave them to do what they do best---they replicate and spread and before you know it, they start to fill the box, creating their own unique 'pictures.' As an aside, check out a 'succulent garden when there are garden festivals in your area. They are a sight to behold. I have along way to go re my succulent journey.
The start of my succulent garden. It was really hard getting one that looks like a dog!

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