Friday, October 18, 2013

Fifty shades of grey or something like that in Auckland.

Things really are looking like something that one would read in a risqué novel. Damn, I wish I could write something that resembles the 'goings' on  that we are being subjected to each day in Auckland. Forget about Italian Prime Ministers cavorting with exotic dancers, or French and American Presidents indulging in extra-curricular activities. We have it all here in Auckland, the home of JAFAS (JUST ALOT OF F--ING AROUND SYNDROME) and Mayor Len Brown. Initially, many Aucklanders threw up their hands in real or postured horror, invoking high morals or lack of as their measuring stick. Then the worm started to turn as we heard about the orchestrated attempt, possibly during and after the victory of Len, to denounce, embarrass and pressure the winner of the election to quit. Palino and his camp have been left with as much egg on their face as the Mayor. The latter has fronted up and has a task ahead of him re credibility, both with his family and the citizens of Auckland,but the former is conveniently on holiday and is only releasing comments through second parties, and we have Slater, the infamous blogger (even his father is in on the act now!) adding his 'factual account to the pot. The youngish lady at the centre of the 'scandal,' is being chased by both sides, mainly the right wing group behind the ugly smear campaign. Secret meetings arranged to pressure her to release yet more details, from intimate texts sent in, during and before the 'heat' of the passion, to accounts of the whereabouts of the actions that have made some laugh and others cringe, are now making it onto our TV screens. As the saga unravels I am sorely tempted to rush off a story and get it released on Kindle but then I realize that my utterances here are more than enough. Balance will return but it is anyone's guess as to which big trees in the forest will fall the loudest! Pity about the saplings underneath though.

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