Friday, October 18, 2013

Eden Coffee comes to the party again!

Last week I used one of the 'clicks on the card' from Eden Coffee, to get my beautiful coffee beans and this time I asked the wonderful barista to grind them for me. He was a bit worried that the grind would be too fine for a domestic coffee machine and as it turned out, he was correct. Given that I have only just got my machine back (from a place in Penrose) after servicing, it was really hard getting through the week without a real cup of coffee. By the time I get home form work, Eden Coffee is closed of course and I didn't wish to purchase any other brand! I mean, I can use the machine but because it is too fine, it only dribbles out and sets up a counter pressure whereby the steamer pours copious amounts of water out, making a wet mess on the bench. I gave up and manned up to the fact that I just wouldn't get a cup of home-brewed coffee for a week.
Today I went back to tell 'my' barista of my terrible woes. he saw me coming and knew what I was going to tell him. Not only did he give a new packet, freshly ground for free but he offered to take a look at my grinder. hell;, I didn't know you actually had to clean them! I also admitted that I am thinking of getting a new coffee machine in the near future. Mine is Italian and quite simple (but not cheap) but getting it serviced at $200 a time is getting a little tiresome and I am not even sure that the latest effort from the outfit in Penrose is all that good. I shall listen very carefully to my barista when it comes to the new machine. He won't let me buy crap or anything that won't give me anything but perfect coffee. Life is too short for bad 'coffee experiences.' Thanks again, Eden Coffee!

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