Friday, October 18, 2013

Len---stay there---the plot is becoming dirtier and more nasty---DON'T give in to the righteous twits!

It is becoming very clear that the plight Len Brown finds himself in (yes by his own making, even by his won admission) has a dirty and quite sinister side to it. Even the NZ Herald, not known for it's backing of left-centre candidates, in any sort of election, is publishing details of some pretty dark stuff. Today's revelation  that Palino met with Len's former lover in a car park in Mission Bay two days after the election is significant in itself. That Palino seems to have gone to ground and that his backers and supporters seem to be involved in various ways re the youngish lady in the centre of this fiasco, is also very telling.
For a while, even I have been portraying the affair in a less than serious light and going as far as saying that the only real victims in this would be the family of Len. Only he can make amends if they are welcome in this matter.
There is a more sinister side and that is the question of the part played by those who wished to denigrate Len's victory in the mayoral election by resorting to underhand methods. They are bringing the whole democratic process into disrepute, far more then the actions of Len Brown. If for some reason Len does resign, then it must be a given that those same parties who now play the 'we are squeaky clean' game, should also disappear into the wood work from whence they came. That would only be fair---the trouble with that of course---who would we vote for re our mayor then? Maybe John Minto, but the unfair baggage he is labelled with, from people who cannot see past their
'rugby pasts,' would most surely get in the way.
So---Len---stay with it. I believe the tide is turning in your favour after you accept the 'slap' you deservedly need.

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