Sunday, October 20, 2013

Desperate Housewives comes ot New Zealand. Thanks USA!

OK, I just said that to get your attention, USA. Life is not really like the scenes we see played out on our screens as in Desperate Housewives, or is it? It certainly isn't like that in little New Zealand is it? Those funny, somewhat sinister scenes we all like to laugh at and then cringe as we recognise something that we know is just below the surface, seem to attract us like a moth to a bright light. Recent events in New Zealand, and Auckland in particular add weight to the possible unity of the darker side of human nature, especially when it comes to power and politics. You only need to read my recent blogs about the goings on around the mayoral elections in New Zealand's 'Queen city, Auckland and you will know what I mean. I judge not and merely observe and of course comment. It is said that some bloggers (certainly not me, as I hardly rate re readership numbers, unfortuanalty) have contributed to the whole affair as they drag the secret affair of the Mayor onto the main pages of our newspapers and onto our TV screens. The Desperate Housewives analogy is just circumstantial rather than factual and just a tool to describe that 'potential weakness in us all,' that at times come to the fore and asserts itself in ways that go way beyond our control. Such 'newsworthy' chapters in the lives of our leaders would be better left in the bedrooms and hotel rooms rather than divert us from the tasks that have far more meaning. Why do I write about it? Why---because I am both annoyed at a leader I like and angered at the nasty politically based plots to unseat and debase the democratic process. One wonders why the other 'candidate' and his cronies, who protests from afar does not front up and challenge the target of the 'reports' we hear each day. There will be many losers in this political but very human fiasco!
New Zealand; must we follow big brother USA in everything? Yeah, I guess that's a whole lot better than other models in other far off places, like---I won't go there!

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