Monday, October 28, 2013

Don't bend over too far, Mr Putin. Yes, we know gays are welcome in Russia, just for the Olympics!

Fabulous dears! Isn't Mr gay Icon, Putin wonderful, making gays welcome to Russia for the Winter Olympics? I can hear gay people all over the world getting  ready for a gay old time in every sense of the word that 'was,' but after the Olympics, good God my dears, watch out! Don't dare talk to anyone under 18 or you will be charged with spreading gayness to the youth of Mother Russia. It's OK, for the brief period when the world actually takes notice of what is happening in Russia, Putin and his cronies will be so sensitive and use words like 'sexual orientation,' before throwing up at their dachas. They will smile and appear to be welcoming, underscoring the policies that all must follow. Will Russians be sucked in by Putin's cynical manoeuvring to placate the world press? Of course most of them will. Why should they give a stuff about the plight of Russian gays? They have enough on their plate. Those who dare to speak out only need to look at what happened when Pussy Riot did their thing in a church, not the most sensible way to endear themselves to the Russian authorities. The Olympics will be like the old 'show trials,' staged to fool public opinion, both inside and on the wider international stage. Come the end of the Olympics and Russian gays will head back to the closet from whence they came, to hide or face the wrath of  Putin. The sad things is that most Russians simply don't  or can't care. Those who do, will need to look over their shoulders. Back to the past for a dim future!

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