Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Just, get on with the job of 'fixing' Auckland, Len Brown and forget about the noisy 'hollier than thou' brigade.

Yes, we all know Len Brown used poor judgment when he allowed himself to be ruled by the regions of his body below the belt, but now it’s time to get on and deal with what we elected him to do---‘fix Auckland.’ He laid the basis for this in his first term and surprised a few opponents by what he achieved. Leave his family to deal to him re his recent transgression and let’s all move on. If we don’t we risk the on-going development of Auckland, simply because an irate group wants to see political blood on the floor.
Now is the time to complete and further the transport needs of Auckland, to address some ‘social’ housing issues and to plan for a future whereby Auckland truly deserves the name, ‘Queen City.’ Auckland is going to grow and even of the ‘regions’ of New Zealand follow the example of our biggest city, we are still going to see Auckland be the main recipient of the increased migration from overseas. Auckland is diverse and Len Brown’s understanding of that term is hard to fault.
What we don’t need is to see  night after night on our TV screens, the screams from strident protestors at every public appearance or the grandstanding ‘screechers’ at council meetings, all there solely to pass judgment on Len Brown. If they wish to do that, then maybe they should cast their eyes just a little further to other politicians and leaders (business an Governmental) and the war would be ‘on’ in every sense of the word. We want our leaders to govern, manage and plan for a better future, not get bogged down in looking over their shoulders, should something come up about their past. Focus, Len Brown, and keep doing (in your elected role) what we put you there for!

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