Monday, October 28, 2013

Good on you, Mike Lee!

I applaud the actions of Mike Lee re his reaction to the plaque the Auckland waterfront and its depiction of ‘thugs’ who help to bring about the end of the 1023 strike by workers fighting for their rights. This was at a time when workers were struggling to achieve the most basic of living standards. That the ‘strike-breakers’ be put up there as ‘lovers of Auckland’ is beyond belief when we see the current struggle of workers to keep those hard won rights in many sectors of the economy. That anyone could deny the rights of workers to struggle for a living wage, either in the last or now, is tantamount to supporting the ever widening gap between those at the top and the huge majority who are having to struggle to make ends meet. That the plaque featured in an Auckland setting is doubly insulting, given the real situation faced by many Aucklanders and a Government that does nothing to support the Provincial areas to remain viable. Well done, Mike Lee. That is what we elected you for.

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