Saturday, September 14, 2013

Labour has a new leader---now make it work and get on with the job!

OK, there was no white smoke from a chimney but by the way in which a good deal of the NZ public has watched this intriguing contest, one would have thought so.' Exaggeration!' you say: Well that's because if you felt like that then you would hardly consider voting Labour anyway. From what I am hearing (and my ears are BIG) many National Party supporters are secretly envious of the process Labour has used. If only we----Ooops---who am I to speak for that lot!
Now the real battle begins. We will see how the new David deals with those who did not support him. He must unify the party and put aside any imagined slights form those who would have wished for a different outcome. As so many of my friends on FB are saying---'put aside your personal ambition and unite behind David.' All three candidates are worthy of a high position in the new line-up. I can't wait to see how they take it to Key and his minions in the next year. I can feel the shuddering from here and it ain't no earthquake!---just a changing of the guard.

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