Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jimmy Spithill's tweet is nothiing more than a refelction of his name and what could happen today!

How about we don’t take Jimmy’s silly Tweet too seriously! Come-on, he can’t’ help his wonderful name. I mean, his slightly provocative tweet was said in the heat of the moment, when he started to believe that his team could finally win against Team NZ. His ‘spitting’ in the wind is just the opposite of pushing water uphill without the proverbial whatever or chucking the toys out of the crib; maybe even ‘spitting uphill.’
However I would never stoop to posting such silly utterances and I most certainly do not have enough followers to pass on anything I say that would then cause me embarrassment. Who needs followers anyway, to achieve that supreme status of being embarrassed by one’s tweets, postings or any other form of public statement?
I doubt the Kiwis will spend much time ‘spitting tacks.’ Their job is to swallow their ‘spittle’ and get on with winning so we have one big party back here in the land of the LONG WHITE CLOUD; the one that hides all of our silly indiscretions.

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