Sunday, September 15, 2013

David comes out of his corner with fighting words---this time directed at the National Party Leader.

We are in for a real treat as David Cunliffe takes on John Key, this time backed up by a united Labour Caucus. David needed to signal that past battles are just that---consigned to a time that no longer counts. It is under his leadership that rifts will be healed and a unification will take place to bring about a new era for the Labour Party,
This is so overdue. We are all sick on the selfish struggle for a viable leader and finally the Party; caucus and members have seen the light.
My words sound like they emanate from a party political broadcast. I make no apologies for that. It is just a complete relief to have this part of Labour Party history left in the cupboard from whence it came.
If the caucus can not see the bigger picture then they need to look at changing their career pathways, before the electorate does it for them!. Somehow, this time, I think they have finally 'got it.' The proof will be in the 'pudding! Now, just watch Key get nasty as he parades tired old 'parable' of nonsense, scare tactics and dirty tricks. It is up to the newly united party to 'turn' these attacks and focus on fighting for a better New Zealand, a fairer country; one that values all sectors of society. And yes, it is OK for the Greens to line up with the Labour Party to share in that 'construction.'

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