Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dean: Be careful young man! Our cellective Kiwi hearts were in our mouths.

Today was the day when Team New Zealand nearly came a cropper---big time. When that beautiful catamaran raised itself and nearly toppled I heard the mass gaps of 4 million Kiwis as they thought for a moment that our dream was over. After all, we do not have another boat and all the silly conspiracy talk about the USA taking us out looked like a reality. No fault to Oracle, just a Kiwi mistake and a big wind.
We lost the race but survived. That the Kiwis didn't use their 'card' to go home and fix things was admirable. Tomorrow is another day and even though it is pure torture watching at times, we are alive and well and going by how they were proceeding  in the second race, it looked like they had learnt their lesson. You are true fighters, Deans' boys and we are so proud of you. Bring the Cup back home but we don't need anyone dying to achieve that, Kiwi or American. Keep it clean and fight hard! Your spirit was very much evident down at Wynyard Quarter and the Viaduct today!

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