Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Post-bariatric surgery--3 months on!

It is almost three months to the day since I had my surgery. I can honestly say the only down side is that I am ‘feckin’ cold! All that fat; 33kilos to be exact, has melted away and that means my ‘insulation’ against the cold. I don’t mind because I can move faster to keep warm and the nice new cloths I wear keep me warm and comfy. I love getting up in the morning and choosing my ‘costume’ for the day. My wardrobe has had a total make-over and God knows what the spring will bring, knowing my propensity to spend up large!
I think my weight loss is coming to a ‘balance point,’ somewhere between 79 and 84 kilos. I’m not sure.  I seem to have three days of no loss then a drop of about 400gms in a day. Perhaps that’s my body finding where it wants to settle. I am more than happy with that.
I have started some Pilates and increased the walking ---now it’s up a few hills and not having to carry around the tonnage I used to, it’s actually a very pleasant experience. I know my dog; Perdy just loves the more exciting places we go to---hell----all those new dogs to sniff out! That’s for Perdy, not me!
I’m not sure if this is a plus or not but my ‘energy levels’ have transferred to my ‘mouth too. If anyone thought I talked a lot before----well now you gotta see it to believe it. There are many ‘believers’ out there. Yeah, that’s gotta be good!

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